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"And of course, I remember the most remarkable event. Remarkable because it never came to pass. It was averted by two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel. The grand story, and we ripped up the ending, and the rules, and destiny, leaving nothing but freedom and choice. Which is all well and good, except... but what if I've made the wrong choice?"


Misha in ice bath


"Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon" 
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no but my all-time favourite Jensen thing has got to be his sad, defeated, long-suffering parent face, like:


oh god, just stop


jesus have mercy


i don’t deserve this


[internally screaming]


how did it come to this


how have i offended you o lord

every time its because of Jared








it’s amazing how teenage fans or fans in their early 20s are so much more aware of what’s really happening on supernatural with regards to misogyny, queerbaiting, racism, and erasure of all sorts. that we, most of us, are realizing that hey, this is wrong, and we’re not okay with it. we notice it. we call it out. maybe we get hate, but we are aware.

this is a major generalization, but most of the super-bibro-just-brothers-all-brothers-all-the-time fans are much older, thirties, even forties. and you’d think they’d be much more mature, but they’re not. it’s like they watched the pilot and that became their base comparison for every single episode ever, now, ten years later. like they’re stuck, while we’re pushing for the show to become more progressive and accepting and open. 

i’m not sure why that is. and this sounds really self-important. i’m not trying to be. but it’s a rather strange phenomenon that i’ve recently observed. 

It doesn’t just sound really self-important, it is really self-important and arrogant. Not that I’m surprised tho.

Or maybe it’s because the older bi bro fans are aware with what’s going on IN THE WORLD. Not a television show. Sorry but I don’t worry about issues on a fictional show. Not to mention if you’re honestly not okay with it, find another show. If I watch a show that deeply upsetting to me, I’m not gonna watch it. The younger fans are much more sensitive anyways. The older ones may not find offense where you do.

You really don’t have the right to force the show to be anything either. That’s VERY entitled and incredibly spoiled.

Excuse you.

We have the right to protest the misogynistic, racist, and homophobic views that the show represents. We have the right to call out Supernatural on its bullshit. We actually do have the right, as viewers, as fans of the show, to say, “Hey. This shit is hurtful. Can you not.”

We aren’t forcing the show to change and conform entirely to fan opinion. What you’re implying there is that we only want change because of Destiel. We don’t. We’re just asking for more representation. More decency. Better sensitivity when it comes to fans, or racial issues, or sexism, or homophobia, or whatever. Because it may be just a “fictional show,” but believe me, that “fictional show” influences the thousands of viewers who watch it. All TV, all media, be it a movie or a book, takes a stance, and you’re saying that you’re fine! Completely okay with the way Supernatural stomps all over women, and people of color, or the LGBT community. 

If you’re really aware with what’s going on in the world, then you should know what’s going on in Ferguson, and you should know that by putting a black woman in a collar and placing her in servitude to a white man doesn’t really help. You should know that objectifying women is a misogynistic, sexist, and extremely popular trend, and that this scene serves no other purpose in the episode than to do exactly that. You should know that Dean/Cas is one of the most queerbaited ships in mainstream media, no matter what you say- and before you inevitably ask, yes, Wincest is a queerbaited ship too, though a much less effective one. (There is no way incest will go canon on the CW.) And psychologically manipulating queer people into watching the show by teasing them with homoerotic scenes? The way that the LGBT community is starved for representation? It’s bullshit.

Oh, and- people can watch a show and still enjoy it, even with its problematic aspects. That’s what most of us are struggling to do here. And if you honestly don’t take offense to some of the material in this show, then I suggest that you widen your worldview. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can ignore the issues here.

You can protest all you want but in the end it’s up to the writers to decide. Bullying them over “issues” isn’t going to get you want you want and just makes you look like a jackass. Some people actually watch a show for entertainment and a good story. They’re also very offensive to Christianity and other religions (funny no one mentions that).

Second of all the issues you’re saying are there are very argumentative. For example, the misogyny claim. People die on this show. Men die all the time as well but the hunter community is male dominated so perhaps it makes sense not to have many women. Besides the same people who cry about misogyny FREAK OUT when Dean gets a female love interest and even send hate to the actress over it. Anna was originally supposed to be Cas, but fans didn’t like her so they became Castiel’s story.

Don’t even get me started on the queerbaiting of Destiel THAT ONLY EXISTS TO ITS SHIPPERS. No one else sees anything. Dean is straight. That is made very obvious no matter how hard you try to twist it which is problematic in of itself. The only queerbaiter is Misha. He eggs his fans on every chance he gets.

if you’re so truly aware of what’s going on IN THE WORLD, then you should definitely know that media representation is probably one of the most important outlets there. the media reflects how THE WORLD sees THE WORLD. don’t believe me? all you have to do is take a look at how the media is twisting the events that have been happening in ferguson and all of the people that are taking these wrongfully portrayed events like it’s the word of god. take a look at how orange is the new black is portraying strong, powerful women all across the spectrum of humanity, and this has caused so many women in real life to become empowered and start defending themselves. take a look at how at sdcc, tatiana maslany was thanked by a fan who said her representation of cosima as a queer character made her more comfortable with her own sexuality and repaired her relationship with her mother.

if you truly believe that what is portrayed in media has no effect on the world around us, i really don’t know what to say to you. let me explain to you why dean being bisexual - or ANY IMPORTANT CHARACTER BEING ANY SEXUALITY THAT IS NOT HETERO DUDEBRO (though dean being would be important in SO many ways, particularly because of his character’s progression throughout the show, i would take ANY character being LEGITIMATELY portrayed as a real, non-het character. yes, we had charlie. guess what oh no they literally shipped her off to oz after three episodes out of how many??? 195????? oh my we had one homosexual couple one time wow how great is that representation??????????) - is really not outside the realm of impossible demands

representation: dean was named after a canonically bisexual character (dean moriarty), he openly checks out guys, he drunkenly flirted with a male police officer, his siren was a guy, he got blushy and flustered during the aaron scene, his crush on dr. sexy, he’s rather self-conscious about his own sexuality (see: “the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?” / “well, you are kind of butch. they probably think you’re overcompensating.” / (forced laugh), as the transcript says. if dean were secure about his own sexuality - and having grown up with a strict, militant dad, i definitely see why he would not be, while sam can joke about it because i believe him to be very secure in his sexuality - why would the laughter be forced? he knows he isn’t gay, he knows it’s ridiculous to be perceived as such. or - wait.), lifted up covers to look at a guy’s penis, like that happened okay. deancas aside (because - news flash - the clamor for canon bi!dean 98% of the time has literally nothing to do with deancas), it’s kind of obvious to see why people just might come to the conclusion that dean is bisexual with a preference for women (or, perhaps more accurately, that he thinks it’s more appropriate for him to be more brazen about his attraction to women, as it is more socially acceptable than the alternative). 

if fans are honestly okay with the shit the supernatural creative board tries to pull, then they have little to no self-respect. the creative board makes fans out to be a joke - from patronizing, breaking-the-fourth-wall comments to frankly offensive portrayals. they are misogynistic, queerphobic, and racist to a fandom whose demographic is the target of these attitudes. the supernatural fandom is made up of mostly queer, poc women, and the supernatural creative board is pissed. because we aren’t what they wanted. and they take it out on us.

so yeah, we do have a right to call them out on their shit. we do have a right to try to get them to stop perpetuating dangerous behaviors that could make other fans/viewers think it’s it okay to carry out these same behaviors. at least we don’t call for an actor’s or character’s removal from the show. at least we don’t start public hate campaigns and plead for the members of the creative board to join us. at least we don’t send hate to the wives of the actors (don’t you fucking try to pull this around on deancas shippers, because it was the psychotic j2 bunch over at spn_gossip that sent disgusting shit to danneel and gen). 

so you can take your laughable holier-than-thou attitude (“oh, i’ve been watching since the pilot, i’m a bigger fan than you!!!! i’m better because i ship sam and dean!!!!! cas sucks he wasn’t even in the first three seasons!!!!!!!” you’re literally like those dumbass band fans who are like “oh you like __? naME THREE OF THEIR ALBUMS AND THEIR ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY AND THE KIND OF SHOES THE DRUMMER WEARS OR YOU’RE NOT A REAL FAN”) and shove it up your fucking ass. if it can fit, since your head’s already crammed so far up there it’s coming out the other side.



omfg their faces

Happy Birthday Misha!





#look how they’re both trying not to cry


#it is honestly getting to the point #where I don’t think they REALIZE that they are in love with each other #I don’t even think CAS understands he’s in love with Dean #could you imagine? #not realizing that you were IN LOVE with someone #you somehow manage to write off the small flutters of your heart when you think he’s in danger #you don’t know why you smile when you think about him #you don’t look into it #it’s just #how you feel around them #it’s how it’s ALWAYS been #nothing’s changed #but other people start giving you weird looks #and dropping hints #and you honestly DON’T UNDERSTAND what they’re talking about #they give you looks that say ‘we know you’re hiding something’ but you’re NOT #you’ve always been open about how you feel #he’s your friend #he’s always been your friend #and so it stays that way #until one day #you’re staring down at their corpse #and you realize #that you loved them #when they stop breathing you realize you’ve been in love with them the whole time #and you never got to tell them #’damnit


Those tags were actually how Dean felt in S7, man. 



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Cheerleader Misha - did I stumble into an AU last Sunday?


Happy Birthday Misha!

Thank you for being you.

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The last one though…